Our Services

Agile Transformation & Facilitation

Teams often struggle to deliver useful products in time to meet stakeholder needs. Burdensome processes, lack of communication, and difficulties managing changing requirements make complex projects nearly impossible to successfully execute.

EK can help you become more agile so that you can release products for user feedback sooner and more often. Our skilled facilitators and experienced agilists have managed projects big and small, simple and complex, traditional and forward-thinking. We offer agile coaches who can partner with your leadership team to help improve their effectiveness and build their management skills. We have the know-how to apply the right combination of agile best practices for maximum impact.

What We Do

  • Enterprise Agile Transformation
  • Agile Coaching
  • Agile Training & Facilitation
  • Scrum Masters, Scrum Professionals, and Product Owners

Our Approach

EK knows that no two initiatives are alike. We take the time to understand the dynamics within an organization and uncover the changes that are needed to successfully lead you into the future. We will work closely with you to develop effective strategies, build self-organizing teams, and create a cadence of communication and feedback. We’re able to build our client’s capacity to run purposeful meetings, prioritize objectives, and continue to improve.

Enterprise Agile Transformation

Effective change happens when there is buy-in from all levels within an organization, open communication between internal and external groups, and collaboration among cross-functional teams. By helping technical and non-technical teams become more agile, we enable organizations to work together at an enterprise level to deliver only the most useful and highest priority products and features to their customers. We go beyond a focus on just product delivery by developing a culture of continuous improvement. In doing so, teams supporting product delivery also benefit from the approach.

Agile Coaching

EK believes that with the proper guidance, teams can learn to be more accountable to each other and continually improve. We help guide teams in developing their ability to define and prioritize their objectives, make realistic plans and commitments, and discover ways to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. We’re able to work with your organization’s unique characteristics and needs to enable you to become more agile and capable of delivering working code.

Agile Training & Facilitation

Agile concepts are simple and intuitive, but challenging to implement without the help of experienced agilists because every team and project is different. EK’s facilitated workshops can help you develop product roadmaps, elicit and capture good user stories, prioritize requirements, communicate progress, and run retrospectives.

Scrum Masters, Scrum Professionals, and Product Owners

Our Certified Scrum Masters (CSM), Scrum Professionals (CSP), and Product Owners (CSPO) help to establish time-boxed sprints that result in working software. We work iteratively to build and refine products based on prioritized stakeholders needs. Our time-proven methods effectively track the team’s progress, remove roadblocks, and create an environment of open communication.


Our facilitated workshops, hands-on training, and close guidance provide you with the tools and capabilities needed to quickly deliver quality products to your customers. Beyond the benefits to the software development lifecycle, EK transforms the way you do things enterprise-wide by creating more transparency with customers and within teams, fostering a culture of feedback and continuous learning, and building the capacity to quickly adapt and react to changes in stakeholder needs. By partnering with EK to adopt an agile mindset, your team will be prepared to take on and successfully lead projects towards meaningful results.