One Day Workshop

Assemble your team to learn what needs to be accomplished to support the adoption of a specific change in your organization. Walk away with usable templates and an actionable plan forward.

Build a Solid Foundation

Knowing where to begin can be the hardest part of any adoption effort. Our Change Management experts will partner with your organization to establish a clear path to adoption while transferring critical knowledge and skills.

Full Engagement

Our experts will provide comprehensive support for your adoption effort, delivering our customized, three-phased approach and metrics demonstrating ROI.

Your Organization Needs Integrated Change to Address These Core Business Challenges

  • Staff is hindered by silos
  • Ingrained staff
  • Uncertainty of how to measure change
  • Day-to-day responsibilities take precedence over strategic initiatives
  • Lack of accountability to see change through
  • Fear and mistrust amongst staff because change hasn’t gone well in the past
  • Vision for change seems too high-level or impractical to execute

We Recognize Change is Hard,
But It is Your Greatest Opportunity.

As Your Partners, We Will Ensure You:

  • Create enterprise alignment
  • Develop real-time ROI metrics
  • Receive leadership coaching
  • Prepare a communications plan
  • Learn how to best manage stakeholders
  • Conduct an organizational risk assessment
  • Develop an Integrated Change Plan
  • Identify and execute needed training

How You Can Partner With Us

One Day Workshop

Our one-day workshop is all about knowledge transfer and setting a clear plan of actionable next steps. Our change managements experts will empower your staff to:

  • Align on succinct, clear purpose for intended change.
  • Establish ‘numbers and narrative’ that report real ROI for the organization.
  • Develop key messaging that can be repurposed across different communication vehicles.
  • Identify influencers and resistors to the change.
  • Utilize Integrated Change best practices and principles for staff to use in managing any change initiative.

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Build a Solid Foundation

Over the course of 6-8 weeks, our change management experts will work alongside your team, providing customized coaching to set a change strategy that sets your organization up for success. In preparing your people to implement the change strategy independently, our work will include:

  • Breaking down the vision for change into concrete milestones with measurable success criteria.
  • Assembling a team that will lead and support the execution of the change initiative, and teaching them best practices to support their work.
  • Identifying what processes and transitions will be impacted by the change.
  • Determining how the organization can support employees throughout the transition.
  • Coaching senior leadership to help them understand how they can best support upcoming changes.

At the completion of the 6-8 weeks, you can expect to receive the following deliverables: Enterprise Alignment, Scope Definition, Measurable Success Criteria, an established Change Team, Leadership Coaching, Risk Assessment, and an Influencer Analysis.

Full Engagement


Reimagine how your people work together.

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