Our Services

Change Management & Communications

Have you considered adoption as a success factor for your project or product? Not taking it into account can lead to ignored technology systems, subverted processes, and painful organization change.

Our change management and communication experts guide you through change – and we recognize change is hard! We listen and truly understand our clients’ needs, whether it’s a change in knowledge and information management technology, agile organization restructuring, or content management processes. Rather than focusing only on short-term interventions, Enterprise Knowledge (EK) experts enable you to be an agent of change and continue your project’s momentum over time.

What We Do

  • Stakeholder Analysis and Management
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Communications Planning and Development
  • Training and Engagement
  • Organization Design

Our Approach

At EK we take an agile approach to change management, using frequent feedback to refine communications, training, and engagement approaches based on the evolving needs of our clients and the marketplace. We know that involving the people actually undergoing change in designing and executing a change management strategy is the best way to overcome resistance and promote openness.

We want to collaborate with you. By working together, we can build your capability to lead change at your organization.

Stakeholder Analysis and Management

At EK, we know that deep understanding of our client’s organizational culture and structure is an important first step to setting the stage for change. Our in-depth assessment extends beyond stakeholder mapping to include industry benchmarking of readiness for change and a cultural assessment to measure influences of process and technology on stakeholders.

Change Management Strategy

EK’s experts develop a comprehensive and customized strategic plan that aligns with your product and corporate goals. Your strategic plan will include a rollout plan with qualitative and quantitative metrics for adoption to ensure wise investment of change management resources.

Communications Planning and Development

At EK, we know how to communicate the right message at the right time to maximize impact. We provide a robust communications plan that includes feedback mechanisms, key messaging and medium to reach your people most effectively. We also offer guidance around brand strategy.

Training and Engagement

EK knows that an enthusiastic, well-equipped workforce is crucial to the success of change initiatives, especially in the knowledge and information management sector. Our experienced trainers design sessions featuring hands-on, interactive learning to inspire buy-in and give people the tools to succeed. We also offer Agile training and facilitation.

Organization Design

At EK, we help you reengineer your organization to better align with transformational changes in your business, industry, or customer base. Our expertise extends from initial gap analysis and organization modeling through rollout and implementation.


Partnering with EK on change management and communications will lead to more adaptable workforce that is prepared for change, whether it occurs in organization structure, process or technology. We can help you strategize and execute a plan for change that is best suited to your needs and helps you achieve your product and corporate goals.