Our Services

Taxonomy Design

We possess unmatched expertise in taxonomy design, with a unique focus on designing for your specific users and business. Our taxonomy consulting services will allow you to capture, manage, and present information, products, and other digital media in a way that is intuitive to your users, ensuring the maximum success and value for your organization.

Information continues to grow at an exponential pace. Business taxonomy design is critical to ensure an organization can effectively capture, manage, and present this growing store of information. Taxonomies serve not only to categorize content to improve findability (navigation and search), they also allow content to be discovered. As a result, organizational barriers will be broken down and information can be more effectively used and reused. 

Taxonomy for your organization

Taxonomies applied to intranets and internal knowledge bases result in enhanced information use and management, enterprise collaboration, and overall efficiency. 

Taxonomy for your customers

Taxonomies applied to external websites, particularly for retail or information delivery, result in greater customer satisfaction, lift, and conversion, which in turn leads to greater revenues. 

Taxonomy for your partners

Taxonomies designed to align language across multiple organizations result in greater efficiency, stronger collaboration, and the development of sustainable business processes.

What We Do

  • Taxonomy Design Workshop Facilitation
  • Taxonomy Design and Implementation
  • Taxonomy Tool Selection and Integration
  • Taxonomy Governance and Maintenance

Our Approach

Taxonomy Design Workshop Facilitation

Our taxonomy consulting experience has shown that many organizations struggle to get started with their taxonomy design efforts. Our proven methodology and workshop approach, successfully applied for over 300 organizations around the world, ensure a quick start and repeatable process that includes stakeholder buy-in for your organization. The taxonomy design workshop yields an understanding of an organization’s taxonomy needs, a “starter taxonomy” design, and an invested group of stakeholders to help carry the effort forward. 

Taxonomy Design and Implementation

We possess experience and expertise designing and implementing taxonomies for hundreds of organizations, spanning decades of experience and work on six continents for diverse audiences including government organizations, non-profits, and industries such as Finance, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Information Technology, Energy and Environment, and Legal. 

EK leverages a combination of “top-down” and “bottom-up” design inputs to ensure we’re leveraging an organization’s existing materials and efforts, while directly engaging stakeholders and content owners to derive a taxonomy design that truly reflects the needs of the organization. A key differentiator for EK’s approach is our knowledge transfer and change management work to ensure the organization is invested with the understanding, education, and buy-in necessary to sustain and evolve the taxonomy design over time.

Our proven methodology spans initial project planning and scoping, through iterative design, implementation, tagging, testing and validation, operations, maintenance, and evolution. We ensure your organization obtains the taxonomy designs and capabilities they need, while equipping you for future needs as well.

Taxonomy Tool Selection and Integration

EK understands the complete landscape of taxonomy management and auto-classification tools, as well as the array of content management, document management, and enterprise search systems that possess this functionality. Since we understand the complete technology landscape as well as the configuration and development of the full range of knowledge and information management technologies, we possess the full range of expertise to help your organization select the right tools that will provide the greatest business value with the least administrative burden.

We are proficient in the installation, configuration, and integration of these systems, and also provide the necessary training, coaching, and support to ensure your organization can actively maintain and evolve these systems over time.

Taxonomy Governance and Maintenance

EK is also expert in the design, implementation, and assessment of taxonomy governance plans, often as an accompaniment to our Content and Brand Governance Plans. EK has implemented taxonomy governance plans for a host of organizations, both as a component of a larger information initiative as well as an independent service offering. 

We regard taxonomy governance as a central concept in any of our initiatives. Our governance plans guide both the sustainment and iteration of the overall system, organization structure, tagging, and controlled vocabulary within it, as well as the content itself. 

With our software development expertise, we can insure our governance plans are written in the context of your chosen technology set and, moreover, we possess the capabilities to implement these designs directly for you. Critical to this implementation, is ensuring the governance is not onerous, but instead is easy to follow and clearly understood by those who will be asked to abide by it.


Whether you’re seeking to refresh an existing taxonomy design, align multiple designs, or create and implement a new design, EK possesses the experience and expertise to ensure your efforts truly reflect the needs of your organization and end users. Our efforts will provide you with an intuitive and sustainable design that includes the flexibility necessary to adapt with the evolving needs of your organization. 

With EK’s efforts, not only will you receive the taxonomy consulting services you need, you will receive the knowledge transfer, coaching, and change management necessary for your organization to truly own and evolve the taxonomy over time.