The 5 Key Components of a Semantic Search Experience

Semantic Search extends meaning and context to your otherwise run-of-the-mill search results. This future-ready phase of search seeks to apply machine-driven understanding of user intent, query context, and the relationships between words. We broke down the primary elements that make search ‘semantic’ in the following infographic to shed some light on the varying concepts and principles in play. 

The 5 key components to build the foundation for a future-ready search strategy are: action-oriented results, faceted taxonomy, knowledge graphs, context, and scale.

Applying any of the principles identified in the above infographic can upgrade your search strategy to a future-ready, semantic experience. Whether you think your search needs a simple update or is ready for a serious upgrade, we can help. EK offers a range of search-specific services that will produce actionable recommendations. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Maddie Fritz Maddie Fritz Maddie Fritz is a UI/UX consultant with speciality experience in Search strategy and design. She loves the nitty-gritty of deep research and the problem solving process. To her, good work means good design that leaves clients and company happy. More from Maddie Fritz »