The Role of Taxonomy and Ontology in Semantic Layers

Heather Hedden, Senior Consultant at Enterprise Knowledge, presented “The Role of Taxonomy and Ontology in Semantic Layers” at a webinar hosted by Progress Semaphore on April 16, 2024.

Taxonomies at their core enable effective tagging and retrieval of content, and combined with ontologies they extend to the management and understanding of related data. There are even greater benefits of taxonomies and ontologies to enhance your enterprise information architecture when applying them to a semantic layer. A survey by DBP-Institute found that enterprises using a semantic layer see their business outcomes improve by four times, while reducing their data and analytics costs. Extending taxonomies to a semantic layer can be a game-changing solution, allowing you to connect information silos, alleviate knowledge gaps, and derive new insights.

Hedden, who specializes in taxonomy design and implementation, presented how the value of taxonomies shouldn’t reside in silos but be integrated with ontologies into a semantic layer. 

Learn about:

  • The essence and purpose of taxonomies and ontologies in information and knowledge management;
  • Advantages of semantic layers leveraging organizational taxonomies; and
  • Components and approaches to creating a semantic layer, including the integration of taxonomies and ontologies

A recording of the full hour-long webinar session, which also includes a presentation and software demo from Jim Morriss, Senior Sales Engineer at Progress Semaphore, is available here.

Heather Hedden Heather Hedden Heather is a taxonomy consultant who has been working in the field of taxonomies and information management for over 28 years. In addition to taxonomy and ontology consulting, Heather gives workshops on taxonomy creation, and she is author of the book "The Accidental Taxonomist, 3rd edition." More from Heather Hedden »