Wahl Featured as Guest on Pioneer Knowledge Podcast

Zach Wahl, EK’s CEO, was recently featured on the Because You Need to Know podcast, produced by Pioneer Knowledge Services and hosted by Edwin Morris. Wahl discusses the reasons behind the boom of KM in recent years and details EK’s increasing focus on enterprise-level transformations through agile processes. Morris and Wahl also talk through ISO and how ultimately, organizations care more about business value and outcomes. Wahl also details what has changed most in KM with the advances in technology and organizations’ increasing focus on the ties between KM and tangible business value.

Wahl further examines the best measurements of success in KM and how to help people recognize the power of KM through stories and active visualization. Finally, Morris and Wahl debate the reasons why people don’t share their knowledge and how those reasons are affected by competition and regulation in the workplace, as well as cultural and geographic factors. The conversation closes with Wahl’s advice to newcomers entering the KM field and the skills that will help new KM professionals excel.

Listen to the podcast and learn more here.