Webinar: Headless CMS In Action

The webinar “Headless CMS in Action: Understanding What it is and How it Can be Used in Your Organization” was facilitated by EK’s Technology Solutions Lead Rebecca Wyatt on Friday, June 18th. The webinar’s three panelists are award-winning journalist John Collins (Senior Content Architect on the Platform Team at Atlassian), digital experience futurist Preston So (Product Leader at Oracle), and Omnichannel X co-founder and customer journey pioneer Noz Urbina (Urbina Consulting). All three global experts have a wide variety of experiences implementing and interacting with headless content management systems (CMS) and bring their expertise to the table for discourse on CMS.

Facilitator Rebecca Wyatt and the panelists discussed practical applications of headless CMS for product documentation, knowledge management, marketing, and learning & development. Their discussion also examined common use cases and business outcomes that headless CMS brings to these varying initiatives. The panelists offered practical advice on how to approach headless CMS conceptually. In addition to focusing on defining headless CMS, detailing common use cases, and framing CMS’s business value, the panelists also explored “the art of the possible” for headless CMS.

Some informational highlights from the online webinar include:

  • Current trends impacting the CMS market and how consumer demands drive the future of headless CMS.
  • Practical applications of headless CMS in less common domains like business to employee (B2E) use cases.   
  • Considerations for a successful interdisciplinary approach to headless CMS.

Watch the video below of the webinar, “Headless CMS in Action: Understanding What it is and How it Can be Used in Your Organization,” to learn more and contact us for assistance in getting your organization started with headless CMS.

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