Identifying Security Risks Using Auto-Tagging and Text Analytics

On Thursday, November 10, Joe Hilger and Sara Duane spoke at Text Analytics Forum about identifying secure and confidential information using auto-tagging. Information security continues to grow in importance in today’s society. We hear stories all of the time about hackers accessing private information from companies and government agencies. Every organization struggles with employees who store confidential information on insecure network drives or cloud drives. Joe and Sara did a project with a federal research organization that used auto-tagging and text analytics to identify confidential information that needed to be moved to a secure location. During the presentation, we shared the approach we took to identify this information and how we made sure that the tagging and text analytics were accurate. Attendees learned best practices for designing a taxonomy for auto-tagging and tuning auto-tagging as well as ways to identify confidential information across the enterprise.

Sara Duane Sara Duane Sara is a Data and Information Management Analyst who specializes in facilitation, design, and strategy focused on implementing solutions to knowledge and information management challenges. Sara brings skills in both technical analysis and project management to build strong relationships and effectively drive client delivery. More from Sara Duane »