Road Maps & Roadblocks to Federal Electronic Records Management

Angela Pitts, Sr. Consultant at Enterprise Knowledge, and Dave Simmons, Sr. Records Officer at General Services Administration (GSA), presented a case study in federal electronic records management that detailed the success of the GSA’s Enterprise Document Management Solution (EDMS). They detailed the strategies used to identify elements of organizational change management required to successfully transition standard functions of records management (RM)—capture, maintenance, disposal, transfer, assignment of metadata, and reporting—from manual, paper-based practices to more efficient and less costly electronic systems.

Records Management is a necessary component of successful Knowledge Management as it systematically manages valuable content created and owned by the business. With technological advancements, most agencies have seen the volume of document records increase exponentially because they are now frequently born and managed as digital content through the records lifecycle. Acknowledging the challenge of managing more content with fewer people, Angela and Dave explained how the design of GSA’s lean and agile systems and workflows enabled the agency to reduce the resources and attention needed to manage content collections while maintaining legal compliance and quality standards.

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