Enterprise Search: The Key to Findability

Presented at KM Showcase 2019 by Todd Fahlberg (Enterprise Knowledge) and Hasan Syed (Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago), the presentation offers a case study from FHLBC on how Syed led his organization in the design and implementation of an enterprise search tool called “Unified Search.” Further, Syed and Fahlberg discuss how FHLBC is prepared to scale the enterprise search solution to include additional repositories, address differing security needs, and measure the success of the current implementation.

Todd Fahlberg Todd Fahlberg Todd is an experienced Information Technology and Knowledge Management Professional with demonstrated ability to deliver Knowledge Management Strategy and Design, Technical Strategy, Software Selection, and Technology Implementation services. He possesses expertise across multiple technical disciplines and is specialized in the selection, development, and implementation of collaboration platforms, enterprise search solutions, semantic technologies, learning and training software, content management systems, and support services platforms. More from Todd Fahlberg »