Integrated Change Management

3 Phases of ICMIntegrated Change Management addresses the complexities of modifying behavior, impacting culture, and realizing ROI while building internal capacity to manage change. It places your people at the center of the process to make change real, and ensure it sticks.

EK has worked with organizations across the world who are looking for their workforce to become more adaptable to changing circumstances. They face similar challenges:

  • Staff is hindered by silos
  • Ingrained staff
  • Uncertainty of how to measure change
  • Day-to-day responsibilities take precedence over strategic initiatives
  • Lack of accountability to see change through
  • Fear and mistrust amongst staff because change hasn’t gone well in the past
  • Vision for change seems too high-level or impractical to execute

Change management – changing mindsets, changing behaviors, and then reinforcing and sustaining those changes over time – is not simple, but it doesn’t have to be hard. There are ways to work with your organization instead of against it to set up the right structure, processes and relationships to support change at either the business-unit or enterprise-level. At EK, our change management experts practice what we refer to as Integrated Change Management (ICM). ICM combines leadership strategy, employee engagement, processes, success-metrics, and training to ensure swift and sustained adoption of change. It places your people at the center of the process to make change real, and ensure it sticks.

EK’s ICM offerings include:

One Day Workshop

Our one-day workshop is all about knowledge transfer and setting a clear plan of actionable next steps. Our change managements experts will empower your staff to:

  • Align on succinct, clear purpose for intended change.
  • Establish ‘numbers and narrative’ that report real ROI for the organization.
  • Develop key messaging that can be repurposed across different communication vehicles.
  • Identify influencers and resistors to the change.
  • Utilize Integrated Change best practices and principles for staff to use in managing any change initiative.

Build a Solid Foundation

Over the course of 6-8 weeks, our change management experts will work alongside your team, providing customized coaching to set a change strategy that sets your organization up for success. In preparing your people to implement the change strategy independently, our work will include:

  • Breaking down the vision for change into concrete milestones with measurable success criteria.
  • Assembling a team that will lead and support the execution of the change initiative, and teaching them best practices to support their work.
  • Identifying what processes and transitions will be impacted by the change.
  • Determining how the organization can support employees throughout the transition.
  • Coaching senior leadership to help them understand how they can best support upcoming changes.

At the completion of the 6-8 weeks, you can expect to receive the following deliverables: Enterprise Alignment, Scope Definition, Measurable Success Criteria, an established Change Team, Leadership Coaching, Risk Assessment, and an Influencer Analysis.

Full Engagement

EK is equipped to lead your organization through the strategy, design, and implementation of a highly customized Integrated Change Plan. Integrated Change is a three-phase approach – Aligning, Surfacing, and Realizing – with each phase building on the work accomplished in the preceding phase. Central to our work, we will collect data at every stage to determine if your organization is on track to meet its milestones and then adapt the Integrated Change Plan as necessary.

In the first phase, we align leadership’s vision to the organization’s operational strategy, and work to get everyone on the same page regarding why the change is necessary. We remove ambiguity, define success metrics and coach leaders on how they can best contribute to sustainable change.

In the second phase, we bring to the surface the thoughts and concerns of staff and mid-level managers regarding the change. Through this process, we proactively uncover the ways in which people would passively or actively resist the change and devise a plan with built-in mitigation strategies and specific data-points to guide iteration and communicate impact.

In the third phase, we realize the vision and the intention of the change by implementing the Integrated Change Management plan with established check-in points. At each check-in, a high-level brief is provided with concrete data supporting areas in which the change is taking hold and where more focus is needed. Clear direction is provided to leaders, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and adapt in real-time to save the organization time and resources.

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