Learning Strategy Assessment & POC

Our Learning Strategy Proof of Concept (POC) aligns your learning strategy with business goals and efficiently validates improvements with a clickable POC. Prove the value of your updated learning strategy, leverage observed outcomes, and take actionable steps to transform your learning ecosystem for maximum business impact.

Why Learning Strategy Assessment & POC

We ensure that your investment in learning and development yields substantial returns, empowering your workforce and driving business growth. We accomplish this by:

  • Conducting a Learning Strategy Current State Assessment:  We identify business objectives for the learning program, define and prioritize learning and performance outcomes best aligned to those business objectives, and conduct a targeted review of relevant learning content.
  • Designing the POC:  The design of the learning POC includes an evaluation plan, recommended methods for achieving the target state of learning, a definition of prioritized learning asset types, and a definition of the learning technologies necessary to accomplish the POC’s objectives.
  • Piloting and Evaluating the POC:  We transform and develop collaborative learning content according to the design plan, followed by the launch of the POC to a pilot group to evaluate POC results.


EK’s Learning Strategy Assessment & POC can help your organization:

  • Make informed decisions, measure progress, and continuously improve learning and performance outcomes.
  • Gain a competitive edge as your workforce becomes better equipped to meet challenges and drive success.
  • More efficiently evaluate and iterate, leading to enhanced organizational learning outcomes and a more substantial return on investment.

There are three available sizes of Learning Strategy Assessment & POC engagements that are built to best fit your organization’s budget and needs, each of which can be viewed with more detail at the link. Are you looking to upgrade and modernize your learning strategy? Contact us here.

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