Top 5 EK Blogs of 2016

Knowledge sharing is at the core of everything we do at Enterprise Knowledge. Thought Leadership is, in fact, one of our Guiding Principles – whether it’s presenting at a conference about knowledge management best practices, writing guides to the latest agile tools and techniques, or sharing cutting edge learning strategies with our clients. Here are the top 5 blogs EK employees posted in 2016:

1. Why Agile Fails When Organizations Try to “Go Agile” – Often we hear organizations are “going” agile and trust that they are successfully embracing core agile philosophies and reaping the benefits. Yet, for most organizations, this effort seems to generate complex organizational problems that result in unintended process, people, and/or business failures.

2. Designing a Learning Environment – A critical component of an organization’s knowledge is its learning material. Organizations often focus on the development of formal learning course and programs, but our experience designing and building knowledge bases and learning management systems shows this is only one aspect of an organization’s learning environment.

3. The 4 Steps to Designing an Effective Taxonomy: #1 Design a User-Centric Taxonomy – Taxonomy is not as daunting as it seems. In this blog series, one of EK’s taxonomy experts provides 4 practical steps to designing and validating a user-centric taxonomy.

4. The Art of Taxonomy Design – Through the years of taxonomy design consulting, we at EK have tried to balance the human side of taxonomy with the data-driven side. This has evolved over time to inform the hybrid taxonomy design methodology that EK utilizes. This approach leverages both top-down and bottom-up analyses.

5. Agile Training is Not Enough – At EK, we often work with clients who are undergoing a second or even third attempt at an agile transformation. One of the most common complaints we hear is that a team attended a two- or three-day training class and was then expected by their leadership to drive an agile initiative.

Which EK blogs were your favorites, and what topics would you like to see us blog about in 2017? Drop us a line on Twitter, or at [email protected].

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