Our Services

Content & Brand Strategy

We understand that content is at the center of all knowledge and information management. However, the vast range of user types and information resources within most enterprise systems often makes it difficult to manage content or, worse, produces content that lacks cohesion and does not reflect the “voice” of an organization.

Our Content and Brand Strategy services can help give you the right foundation and a leg up on the competition to make your content manageable, sustainable, and improving over time. Enterprise Knowledge (EK) goes further, to work with your organization to develop a true representation of your brand, its vision, and its services. Effective content comes from an authentic, user-centric approach. EK takes the time to get to know you and your company. We work with you openly and collaboratively to refine and integrate your brand into every element of your knowledge and information management systems.

What We Do

  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand and Content Governance
  • Content Strategy Development
  • Content Migration Strategy and Implementation
  • Brand and Content Marketing Planning and Development

Our Approach

EK brings a tailored, client-centric approach to its Content and Brand Strategy services. We believe that getting to know your people and company culture are as essential to defining your brand as your products and services. This session allows us to assess your needs and feelings about your company as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your brand’s position, approach, and messaging.

We are here to listen and learn. Having an open, collaborative mindset allows us to help you empower your brand and to make your content as effective and authentic as possible.

Brand Architecture

EK brings unmatched expertise in helping you strategize, structure, and refine your brand architecture at every level. Whether you need to name a new product line or need help refining your existing website content, we can help empower your content through a tailored, brand-focused approach.

Brand and Content Governance

EK has created a proven process towards knowledge and informations systems governance and possesses an established approach to creating and implementing content governance plans. Brand-appropriate information and systems governance will ensure an organization can best leverage the value of their knowledge with the lowest administrative burden possible.

Content Strategy Development

EK believes that, in addition to governance, having a solid, actionable content strategy is vital to any organization. We work with you to develop a comprehensive, sustainable plan with trackable, meaningful metrics that closely matches your organization’s vision and your communications goals.

Content Migration Strategy and Implementation

EK brings many years of experience in managing and monitoring content migration initiatives for every type of organization. We believe that having a comprehensive, manageable migration strategy is fundamental to any kind of knowledge or information transfer.

Brand and Content Marketing Planning and Development

EK has developed an integrative process to brand and content marketing to help you spearhead any content marketing effort from product marketing to corporate social media planning. We work closely with you to develop a content marketing strategy that is realistic and sustainable for your organization and its resources.


EK will give you a fresh take on your company’s brand and help you build a sustainable, meaningful content strategy. Whether you’re in need of content migration oversight, content strategy for a new website portal, or brand architecture for a full corporate rebranding, we can help you set and achieve your goals and to create content that is unique, impactful, and long-lasting.