Top 5 EK Blogs of 2020

As we enter the holiday season, EK reflects on all that we have to be thankful for. Amid this global pandemic, many companies were forced to close their doors. Conversely, EK has been fortunate enough to see continued growth over the last year. We’ve increased revenue, expanded engagements with existing clients, won new contracts, and hired many new employees.

This forced experiment around remote working due to COVID-19 certainly impacted how we did business in 2020 but had little impact on our culture. We’re proud of our team’s continued productivity and dedication, and we’re looking forward to a prosperous new year.

With our focus on thought leadership, we published over 70 new blogs, white papers, podcasts, and infographics in our knowledge base this year. Below are the top 5 most viewed articles written by EK employees during 2020:

1) What’s the Difference Between an Ontology and a Knowledge Graph?

2) Knowledge Management Trends in 2020

3) From Taxonomy to Ontology

4) What is a Semantic Architecture, and How do I Build One?

5) RDF*: What is It and Why do I Need It?

Which EK blogs were your favorites, and what topics would you like to see us write about in 2021? Let us know on Twitter, or reach out at [email protected].

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