NPS Launches Common Learning Portal

The NPS Common Learning Portal (CLP) fosters a collaborative knowledge building environment which enables the NPS workforce to co-create and share learning resources anywhere, at any time, and on any device. While the CLP has been available inside the NPS network since August 2016, on Thursday, September 13, 2018 the CLP will be available outside of the NPS firewall so the entire NPS workforce (including volunteers, partners, and seasonal employees) can participate in this online learning community.

For more about the CLP, watch the video.

Enterprise Knowledge Proudly Supports the National Park Service

Consultants from Enterprise Knowledge (EK) have supported the NPS CLP since 2015, providing the full range of EK services including:

EK’s CEO Zach Wahl stated, “I’m extremely proud of the support we’ve provided to the National Park Service through our partnership on the CLP.  As the solution moves to the next level of maturity and access, we’re committed to its continued success.”

Rebecca Wyatt, EK’s Product Owner for the NPS Common Learning Portal added, “The NPS Common Learning Portal is a true passion project for me, combining my professional interests in training, Agile product development, and community building with my personal love of our nation’s national parks. I couldn’t be more thrilled to see this website reach this important milestone and I’m excited to help the CLP continue to improve and support the NPS learning community.”

For more information, read EK’s NPS CLP Success Story.