The Business Taxonomy Workshop

Low Cost, Low Risk, High Value: A well-designed and implemented business taxonomy can improve the “findability” of information, improving search and browse within a variety of sites and systems. A business taxonomy can also help users discover content, vastly cutting down on time wasted re-creating content that already existed. Continue reading

Top 5 Agile Myths: Myth #1 Agile Lacks the Planning Required by Large Organizations

It is exciting to see more and more organizations adopting Agile development processes.  Agile helps organizations speed time to market, lower project risk and improve relations between business and IT.  Unfortunately, there is still a lot of misinformation or myths … Continue reading

Business Taxonomies and the Democratization of Content Management

In today’s information systems, an organization’s business users are more active than ever in the creation, publication, identification, and consumption of information. From big data, to social computing, to content and document management, users are generating more and more information.  … Continue reading