Taxonomy 101 Workshop: Taxonomy Definitions, Value and Best Practices

This presentation delivers a detailed understanding of taxonomy definitions, taxonomy value (ROI), and taxonomy design methodologies and approaches. It was originally delivered by Zach Wahl and Tatiana Cakici of Enterprise Knowledge at Taxonomy Boot Camp 2019 in Washington, DC.

IV&V for Agile Projects

The Federal government is transitioning more and more projects to Agile development methodologies.  Agile’s success with commercial projects has led to greater adoption of Agile in the Federal Government.  The move to Agile poses a number of challenges for government … Continue reading

Building a Business Case for Knowledge Management

I am sure many of you have been following the the GM ignition switch recall.  The Washington Post has an interesting article on what happened the other day.  As I read the story, it painted a clear picture for me … Continue reading

Merging Knowledge and Information Management for Real Results

Over our years of knowledge management consulting and information management consulting, our clients often ask what the difference is between KM and IM.  A few simple online searches show similar queries run amok.  My experience, frankly, is that the definitions … Continue reading

Top 5 Agile Myths: Myth #1 Agile Lacks the Planning Required by Large Organizations

It is exciting to see more and more organizations adopting Agile development processes.  Agile helps organizations speed time to market, lower project risk and improve relations between business and IT.  Unfortunately, there is still a lot of misinformation or myths … Continue reading

Business Taxonomies and the Democratization of Content Management

In today’s information systems, an organization’s business users are more active than ever in the creation, publication, identification, and consumption of information. From big data, to social computing, to content and document management, users are generating more and more information.  … Continue reading