How Project Managers Can Adopt an Agile Leadership Style

Being agile requires a dramatically different leadership style than what you would typically encounter with traditional project management. When I was first introduced to agile projects, I found that not only did my environment change, but my approach towards leadership … Continue reading

EK Awarded Information Technology Schedule 70 Contract

Enterprise Knowledge (EK) announced today that it has been awarded an Information Technology Schedule 70 contract by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Continue reading

Website Design Best Practices

Over the last six months, Enterprise Knowledge (EK) has been in the midst of taking the best of what we know and applying it to our own website. Though we’ve helped an array of Federal Agencies, Fortune 500 Companies, and … Continue reading

Practical Knowledge Management

This presentation leverages several recent success stories from EK’s client work to discuss current themes in Knowledge and Information Management systems design and development. It includes examples and discussion of Cloud, Agile, Taxonomy, and Change Management, amongst other themes.

EK Announces Partnership with Semantic Web Company

Enterprise Knowledge (EK) and Semantic Web Company (SWC) recently announced a strategic partnership in support of Semantic Web Company’s PoolParty software suite. Continue reading

Agile Release Planning Best Practices

Our clients often ask us: how do you know when to release a software product or website? No product manager wants to release if functionality is broken or not usable, yet good business mandates regular progress to users and stakeholders. How … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions – The Knowledge Management Edition

If you’re like many, at this time of year, you’re tossing the last of the fruit cake, sweeping the pine needles, and shelving the holiday decorations for another year.  Of course, it’s also that time of year to begin making … Continue reading

IV&V for Agile Projects

The Federal government is transitioning more and more projects to Agile development methodologies.  Agile’s success with commercial projects has led to greater adoption of Agile in the Federal Government.  The move to Agile poses a number of challenges for government … Continue reading