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OmniLearning Our OmniLearning Solutions deliver all the learning content you need, when, where, and how your learners need to access it.  More on What It Is OmniLearning is all about bridging the gap between learning strategies, technologies, and content, to … Continue reading

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Artificial Intelligence enables an organization to connect all their knowledge assets, helping people to find and discover it in the way they want and deliver it in a highly customized manner so that it is immediately … Continue reading

Content Assembly

Content Assembly Mature organizations recognize content isn’t static. It should be modular, flexible, and dynamic to enable reuse, omnichannel delivery, and highly adaptive experiences. Enter content assembly. More on What It Is EK’s Content Assembly Solution considers the entire lifecycle … Continue reading

Enterprise 360

Enterprise 360 Developing an Enterprise 360 view of all of your organization’s knowledge assets will ensure your organization gets the most from your information, data, and people, delivering a connected web of everything you need to perform. More on What … Continue reading

Knowledge Management Transformation

Knowledge Management Transformation A Knowledge Management Transformation will establish your company as a world leader in KM, delivering business value in the form of greater employee satisfaction and retention, customer satisfaction, higher productivity, and greater innovation. The Problems It Solves … Continue reading

Knowledge Portal

Knowledge Portal A Knowledge Portal will serve as the hub to integrate all of your organization’s KM assets, including your information, data, and people, into a single highly contextualized environment where real business can get done. More on What It … Continue reading

Improving Product Documentation With a CCMS and a Knowledge Graph

The Challenge A financial solutions provider wanted to improve and personalize customer interaction with support and technical documentation as well as streamline the content authoring process to ensure consistent messaging and avoid duplicated information. Before the EK team’s involvement, technical … Continue reading

Data Management Trends in 2022: Data Fabric v. Data Mesh v. DataOps? What is Right for Your Organization?

When we start most of our engagements with our clients, there are common and important challenges we’re typically presented with that help summarize the core needs that persist within the data management space today:  We don’t know what data we … Continue reading

Employee 360 Views: Common Use Cases

In an earlier blog, I discussed what Employee 360 Views are and which possible sources of information can feed them. In this blog, I describe why Employee 360 Views are important from various end users’ perspectives, what employee information they … Continue reading

Employee 360 Views: What are they?

Leaders from every organization need accurate and up-to-date information about their employees to support key corporate decisions, enhance business profitability, and remain competitive in today’s world. One of the best ways to better understand your employees is through an Employee … Continue reading