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Expert Analysis: How Does My Organization Use Auto-tagging Effectively? Part Two

In part one of this series, James Midkiff and Sara Duane, senior technical consultants at EK, discussed what auto-tagging is and when an organization should use it. This blog will discuss auto-tagging best practices to answer the foundational question, “How … Continue reading

Climbing the Ontology Mountain to Achieve a Successful Knowledge Graph

Tatiana Baquero Cakici, Senior KM Consultant, and Jennifer Doughty, Senior Solution Consultant from Enterprise Knowledge’s Data and Information Management (DIME) Division presented at the Taxonomy Boot Camp (KMWorld 2022) on November 17, 2022. KMWorld is the world’s leading knowledge management … Continue reading

Optimizing Your Taxonomy in SharePoint Online: Search Filters

All too often, clients come to Enterprise Knowledge (EK) with the issue that “we cannot find anything in our SharePoint sites.” Because of its highly configurable nature, SharePoint can quickly become the wild west of your organization if it is … Continue reading