Identifying Security Risks Using Auto-Tagging and Text Analytics

On Thursday, November 10, Joe Hilger and Sara Duane spoke at Text Analytics Forum about identifying secure and confidential information using auto-tagging. Information security continues to grow in importance in today’s society. We hear stories all of the time about … Continue reading

Designing Your Taxonomy to Fit Your Use Case: Common Taxonomy Use Cases (Part 1)

At EK, we’ve designed countless taxonomies for our clients over the years. These taxonomies are reflective of each individual client’s content and needs, and provide direct business value. One of the keys to our success is that before we even … Continue reading

Top Five Tips for A Successful Knowledge Transfer in Times of Chaos, Crisis, or Rapid Change

All too often, organizations do not recognize the need and value of knowledge management efforts until a knowledge-related crisis occurs. Perhaps a top-level executive has chosen to leave the organization and has not documented the knowledge and experiences that they … Continue reading