EK Awarded Information Technology Schedule 70 Contract

Enterprise Knowledge (EK) announced today that it has been awarded an Information Technology Schedule 70 contract by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Continue reading

Website Design Best Practices

Over the last six months, Enterprise Knowledge (EK) has been in the midst of taking the best of what we know and applying it to our own website. Though we’ve helped an array of Federal Agencies, Fortune 500 Companies, and … Continue reading

Building Collaboration Through Content Strategy

A core component of Knowledge Management (KM) revolves around content collaboration. Yet, even with knowledge and social sharing systems in place, it can be hard to build and encourage collaboration across KM systems, especially with today’s flexible office environments. Not only … Continue reading

Designing a Learning Environment

A critical component of an organization’s knowledge is its learning material. Organizations often focus on the development of formal learning courses and programs, but our experience designing and building knowledge bases and learning management systems shows this is only one … Continue reading

Brand Content Strategy for Enterprise Knowledge and Information Management

When it comes to knowledge and information management, enterprise systems possess very specific content needs. Even at high volumes, content needs to be sleek, user friendly, and brand appropriate. Yet, very few firms think in terms of content strategy, never … Continue reading

Building a Business Case for Knowledge Management

I am sure many of you have been following the the GM ignition switch recall.  The Washington Post has an interesting article on what happened the other day.  As I read the story, it painted a clear picture for me … Continue reading

The Keys to Governance

Having worked with content and information management systems for the better part of two decades, I’m often asked where an organization should dedicate their often limited resources in order to improve findability and overall user satisfaction.  Though there are several … Continue reading